(Originally Aired: Spring 2010)

Written by Desmond Childs

Starring Robert Harkins
Things turn dark when a man returns home from a party.


  Thousands are dead and Cornera is in a state of chaos. General Pepper gives illegal consent to enforce martial law, and now he must answer for his actions! Fox and Peppy Hare are called in for the court conference, which will decide the future of the Corneran Military and the Starfox team.

The team managed in saving Corneria but the loss was too great for celebration.  When we last left off, Fox McCloud had successfully captured the traitor commanding officer Grangas.  We now rejoin McCloud, General Pepper and Peppy Hare as they prepare for the interrogation of Clifford Grangas.

  The Battle for Corneria is beginning to narrow down and its not looking good for team Star Fox. Will Fox be able to pull the planet and his team out of the bind!?

  The Starfox Team dive into Corneria airspace and begin their search of the planet to follow up the received distress signal.

  Fox McCloud and the Starfox team make their final approach to Corneria! LETS GO TEAM!!

  Blast of into space with Fox McCloud and his StarFox elite mercenaries as they defend the Lylat system from the evil Emperor Andross! 

Zion’s Quest



Project Zion
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